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This is what you can expect.


Bavaria's largest high ropes course "Kletterwald Bärenfalle"

The "Kletterwald Bärenfalle" is already in the winter break. In April 2020 we start the summer season.

The high ropes course is located just a few meters away from the chairlift summit station, the Berghütte Bärenfalle and the start of the Alpsee Coaster. 19 different courses offer a total of 190 climbing elements.

Starting from simple obstacles near the ground to bold jumps up to 20 meters in height, the Kletterwald Bärenfalle any ingredient to race the pulse of our visitors.

Especially suitable for families

No preliminary experience is required to have fun in the Kletterwald Bärenfalle, and all equipment is included in the admission price. You will receive a detailed safety training and practice the handling of the system on the ground, before you start climbing to the tops of the trees on your own for up to three hours.

Children can climb in the lower parcours from the age of 6 years on, provided that they are accompanied by an adult. They are secured with the innovative "Smart Belay" system by climbing specialist Edelrid. Unintentional unhooking is practically impossible.

Especially for small children between 3 and 5 years, the new Kiddy course "small bear" offers 9 exciting elements in up to 1-metre height.

The high ropes course is a rewarding destination in any kind of weather. During the hot season-, the trees provide pleasant shade and even in a light rain, the leaves provide sufficient weather protection.

The Kletterwald Bärenfalle is regularly 'TÜV-tested' and maintained on a daily base. Professional safety trainers provide you with the necessary information and also assist you at any time during your stay with advice and assistance.

If you ever get stuck or want to finish the parcours immediately, the coaches make sure that you get back to the ground quickly and safely from any point in the high ropes course.

Many more pictures and information about the Kletterwald Bärenfalle can be found on the website of Bavaria's largest high ropes course. Groups of 10 people can register there directly.