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Closed on weekdays - on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Frequently asked questions

The Alpsee Coaster – Germany´s longest year-round toboggan run

How long does a ride with the Alpsee Coaster last?

The riding time depends on the riding speed. Normally between 6 and 10 minutes.

Are there waiting periods at the Alpsee Coaster?

Especially during the main holiday season, there might be waiting times at the chair lift and at the Alpsee Coaster. We therefore recommend a visit in the morning, as waiting times are then very limited. If you have already purchased your ticket for a ride in the Alpsee Coaster, you can also use it for the chair lift descent without any extra charge. If you decide to walk down instead, your ticket will not lose its validity and you can redeem it on another day. The actual waiting periods are mentioned on our notice boards.

Is it possible to regulate the speed of the toboggan?

Yes. You can decide how fast you want to ride. You can regulate your speed with the two brake levers attached on the right and on the left at any time.

Is it possible to ride the toboggan down without braking?

During the ride you should keep a constant distance of 25 m to the toboggan ahead. Always remember: The one who rear-ends, is fully liable! That’s why you must be ready to brake at all times. It is better to brake once too often than not at all.

What’s the maximum speed during tobogganing?

The maximum speed on the Alpsee Coaster is 40 km/h. Once this speed has been reached, toboggans are not getting faster anymore.

Is it possible that 3 passengers use one toboggan?

No, this is not possible. Due to its design, a toboggan can only carry a maximum of 2 passengers

What has to be considered when a toboggan is occupied by 2 persons?

The taller person sits behind and must be at least 14 years old. Only the rear-seat passenger is holding the brake levers in his hands. Backpacks are not allowed during the ride. In case of rain, it is not possible that 2 adults ride together.

Is there any age limit for the Alpsee Coaster?

Children from the age of 3 upwards and with a minimum height of 0.90 m can take a toboggan ride as front passenger. From the age of 8 upwards and with a minimum height of 1.40 m it is possible to ride alone. From the age of 14 it is also allowed to have a front passenger.

Are there any restrictions for which tobogganing is not allowed?

For reasons of safety, people in a state of inebriation or under the influence of other drugs are not allowed to ride. Pregnant women also are not permitted to ride. The same applies when physical or mental disabilities are detected, making a safe ride impossible. This must be decided in each individual case.

Is it possible to buy tickets at the starting point of the Alpsee Coaster?

Yes, it is. We are selling tickets for Germany’s longest year-round toboggan run also at the starting point of the Alpsee Coaster. So there is nothing standing in the way of a spontaneous toboggan ride!

Where can I get photo after the ride?

A photo of each passenger is automatically taken during the ride in the Alpsee Coaster. You can then buy them in the Bergwelt-Shop at the bottom station. Additionally, you can download your digital photo here after buying it.

The Abenteuer Alpe – Germany’s greatest alpine playing adventure

Where is the Abenteuer Alpe located?

The Abenteuer Alpe is not far from the top station of the Alpsee Bergwelt. The Abenteuer Alpe can easily be reached with the chair lift and is located in close proximity to the Alpsee Coaster, Germany’s longest year-round toboggan run, and the Kletterwald Bärenfalle, Bavarian’s biggest high rope course.

For which age groups is the Abenteuer Alpe suitable?

Our offer is aimed, in particular, at families with kids aged between 3 and 10 years. Of course we are really happy to welcome older and younger guests, who would like to spend an exciting day at the Abenteuer Alpe, because here everyone would like to be a child again.

Where can I buy tickets for the Abenteuer Alpe?

You can buy tickets either at the counter of the bottom station or directly at the automated pay station at the entrance to the Abenteuer Alpe. Please note that combined tickets are only available at the counter of the bottom station.

How long can I stay at the Abenteuer Alpe?

Once you have bought your ticket and entered the park, you can stay in the Abenteuer Alpe on that day till it closes. Please note that the ticket will lose its validity as soon as you leave this area. A re-entry is not possible.

Is the Abenteuer Alpe open all year round?

During winter months, the Abenteuer Alpe is closed. We are open daily right in time for the start of the summer season. However, notwithstanding the foregoing, the Alpsee Coaster is open even during winter months at certain times. The precise opening hours can be found on our website.

Is it permitted to bring one’s own dishes?

In our Abenteuer Alpe, you can fortify yourself or just relax on our terrace while the kids are exploring the Abenteuer Alpe. You can eat your own dishes in the enclosed area, but please abstain from consumption on the terrace of the restaurant.

Are dogs allowed in the enclosed area?

For hygiene reasons and in respect of the animals living in the Abenteuer Alpe, we would ask for your understanding that dogs are not allowed.

Is it possible to stroke and feed the animals on the Abenteuer Alpe?

In order to experience the animals from up-close, there is the possibility of getting to know the dwarf goats in their enclosure and feed them with grass / hay. The animals are provided with the best food by our staff. Therefore, please do not feed the other animals additionally.

How much time should be planned for the circular trail?

It takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes to walk the circular trail. The viewpoints overlooking the enclosures and the surrounding nature virtually invite you to rest.

Kletterwald Bärenfalle – Bavarian’s biggest high ropes course

How many courses are there in the Kletterwald Bärenfalle?

The Kletterwald Bärenfalle offers 19 different courses of various levels of difficulty with a total of 190 different climbing elements. One of the courses is the “Zip-Line-Parcours”, which is up to 20 metres high and is equipped with seven long flying fox zip lines.

Is it necessary to inform you in advance about our visit in the Kletterwald?

In case of a visit during the normal opening hours, no prior information is necessary. Only groups of 10 or more are required to notify us in advance of their visit on the website of the Kletterwald Bärenfalle. This way, we can prepare optimally for group visits, and no bottlenecks occur.

Can children also visit the Kletterwald?

Yes, there are even special children’s courses in the Kletterwald Bärenfalle. The new kiddy course “Kleiner Bär” is intended especially for little climbers aged between 3 and 5 years. Here, kids can balance on ropes, bridges and beams at a height of 1 meter, slide with zip lines, demonstrate their courage and experience fun and excitement. Of course, also this new course for small children meets the high safety standard. From the age of 6 upwards and a height of 120 cm, children can climb on the more demanding courses of the Kletterwald when accompanied by an adult. Moreover, children have a sure feeling for what they can do and what would still be too much for them.

From what age are children allowed to climb on their own?

From the age of 14 upwards, children are allowed to climb on their own, however only with the consent (signature) of one parent or legal guardian.

How many children under 14 can be accompanied by an adult aged 18 or over?

One adult can accompany up to 5 children under 14 years.

How much time do I have in the Kletterwald and how is the schedule?

First of all, you will receive an extensive briefing about harnesses and safety devices, and learn to use them with a trainer on a training course on the ground. Afterwards, you will have three hours to go through the courses on your own.

What happens if I get stuck in one course?

There are several intermediate exits in the courses, which can be used for a quick and safe descent. You can always call for the safety trainers, who can quickly and safely get anyone back to the ground from any place in the high ropes course. So everyone can take a chance easily! We are happy to help.

Where can I buy tickets for the Kletterwald Bärenfalle?

Tickets for the Kletterwald Bärenfalle can be obtained both at the ticket office at the bottom station and directly at the Kletterwald. What is highly recommended is the favourable combined ticket, which includes the ascent with the chair lift, the ticket for the Kletterwald, as well as the descent with the Alpsee Coaster. This ticket, however, can be obtained only at the ticket office at the bottom station.

On foot through the Alpsee Bergwelt

How long does it take to walk from the parking area at the bottom station to the top station of the chair lift?

Depending on the walking speed, the walk from the bottom station to the top station across the “Alpweg” (the path directly below the chair lift) takes approximately 45 to 60 minutes. If you choose the so-called “Stadtwaldweg”, the walk takes about 20 minutes more.

How long is the distance between the bottom station and the top station?

If you choose the “Alpweg”, you have to walk about 3.5 km, compared to the “Stadtwaldweg”, where you have to walk about 5 km.

What hiking possibilities are there in the Alpsee Bergwelt?

The Alpsee Bergwelt is located amidst the unique nature park “Naturpark Nagefluhkette” and offers virtually countless hiking possibilities. Four popular tours are described under the heading “Wanderparadies”.
If you are interested in further tours, we would recommend you to buy a hiking map (also available in the Bergwelt-Shop at the bottom station).

How long does it take to walk to the alp Obere Kalle?

Starting from the bottom station, it takes approximately 60 to 70 minutes, depending on the walking speed. Starting from the top station of the chair lift, the walk takes about 15 to 20 minutes.

How long does it take to walk to the Kemptener Naturfreundehaus?

For an average hiker, it takes approximately 1.5 hours to walk from the bottom station of the chair lift to the Kemptener Naturfreundehaus.

About the chair lift

How long does the ascent / descent with the chair lift take?

The trip with the chair lift takes approximately 11 minutes.

Are there single tickets for the descent available at the top station?

Yes, tickets for the descent with the chair lift can be obtained at the top station at any time.

Facts about the Alpsee Bergwelt

How can I pay in the Alpsee Bergwelt?

In the Alpsee Bergwelt, you can pay cash, by EC card or by credit card. Please note that no card payment is possible in the Kletterwald and in the Rodelwirt. However, there is the possibility of having money paid out at the ticket office at the bottom station. In any case, we would recommend you to take cash money with you on a mountain trip.

At what height is the bottom station of the Alpsee Bergwelt located?

The parking area, the Rodelwirt, the Bergwelt Shop and the bottom station are located at an altitude of 740 m above sea level.

At what height is the mountain hut Bärenfalle located?

The mountain hut Bärenfalle is located at an altitude of 1,100 m above sea level.

h4. At what height is the alp Obere Kalle located?

The alp Obere Kalle is located at an altitude of 1,250 m above sea level.

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