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Abenteuer Alpe
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Alpe Obere Kalle
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This is what you can expect.


Explore the Abenteuer Alpe

The Abenteuer Alpe is already in the winter break. In April 2020 we start the summer season.

The new "Abenteuer Alpe" in the Alpsee Bergwelt offers an exciting mix of stunning playground equipment, an intact natural landscape and various animals.

Discover Germany's largest mountain-playing adventure

An eight-meter high mountain landscape that is completely walkable insinde and offers plenty of climbing opportunities. The "Älplerschaukeln" with more than four meters height or the "Älplerwasser", a huge water and sand area, just waiting on hot days to adventurers. These are just some of the exciting areas to be discovered on the "Abenteuer Alpe".

Right next to the playground you can see the spacious "Älplerwiese" where alpacas, lamas, sheep and goats have their home. The separate petting zoo allows direct contact with the goats.

Perfect destination for families

The new trail that leads around the entire area in about 20 minutes, offers magnificent views over the "Abenteuer Alpe" and out into the Konstanz Valley.