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This is what you can expect.


Really fast down to the valley

During the ride, 68 curves, 23 waves, 7 jumps and 4 ​​bridges guarantee maximum fun. The speed can be individually determined by each toboggan rider. The maximum speed is 40 km/h!

The thrill of the fast descent lasts between 5 and 10 minutes.

All year round operation

The Alpsee Coaster is not just a summer toboggan run-, but operates the whole year round! Fun is guaranteed. Even if it rains: In heavy rain, free ponchos are available upon request at the valley station. They also protect our guests on the way up hill in the chairlift.

During winter months the Alpsee Coaster additionally offers two natural toboggan runs - fun is therefore guaranteed, regardless of snow conditions and the whims of Mother Nature.

Safety is of prime importance

With the help of two brake levers, each guest determines his own speed during the toboggan run. The sledges are fixed to the rails - similar to a roller coaster - and tipping in the curves even at full speed is impossible. Additionally, passengers are secured by three-point belts.

Additional safety devices such as energy-absorbing front and rear buffers, an optimized seat with backrest, two sides mounted brake levers and a brake band at the end of the toboggan run with a connected selective brake provide a superior level of security.

Of course, the entire system is TÜV-tested and is regularly maintained. Reasonable anticipatory driving, consideration and respect of a minimum disrance of 25m between sleighs are expected from drivers as goes without saying.

Fun for the whole Family

The Alpsee Coaster is the perfect recreational activity for all ages. Young drivers may ride as a passenger from the age of 3 years on. From the age of 8 years and a size of 1.40 m on they are allowed to ride on their own. From the age 14 years on they can take a passenger with them.


Length2,8 kilometres
Average decline12,5 %
Maximum decline29,5 %
Top speed40 km/h
Difference in altitude355 m