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Alpcacas und llamas

Alpacas and llamas are small camels and comes originally from the South American highlands. But even in the Allgäu mountains they feel very comfortable.

The fluffy fur protects them from extreme weather such as rain and wind. In the winter period, it keeps them warm and in summer it protects them from the blazing sun.

Alpacas are smaller than llamas, have a woolly fur and pointed ears. Lamas, however, have long, curved ears. The small camels communicate through body language and by funny sums.

Due to their curious and quiet nature, they are also popular as recreational animals and in therapy. Mares carry 330-360 days and then bring mostly one foal.

Withers height (shoulder)WeightShape of earsUseLifespan
Alpaca80 - 100 cm65 - 80 kgshort and pointedWool, leisure, therapy15 - 20 years
Llamaup to 130 cm70-80 kglong and turned backwardsPack animal, wool, leisure, therapy15 - 20 Jahre